Whelan Enterprises was established in 2006 and is a premier Irish owned and operated family business based in Dublin, Ireland. It primarily focuses on developing new business ventures, with a core strategy of developing businesses within the entertainment, hospitality, food, franchise and leisure industries, while also supporting not-for-profit organisation The Brendan Whelan Foundation as the founders and principal sponsor; and includes not-for-profit product and clothing merchanding brand Soldier.

In 2008 Whelan Enterprises formed a business partnership with Byrne Enterprises (2008 - 2022) and JM Global to create Group Management, a joint global business venture that would develop and manage their entire group operations worldwide under its portfolio brands known as the Shadowhawk Entertainment Group and the Jayan Management Group.

Whelan Enterprises have two key executives and a group of representatives that manage the operations of Group Management, including business development, communications, investor relations, corporate affairs, procurement, legal, finance, human rescources, insurance, marketing, branding, security, music and publishing.

Whelan Enterprises does not accept any unsolicited materials. Any such materials received will not be considered and if possible returned (if not destoryed) with no copies being kept, discussed internally or with a third party.